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Engineering Update - Item 2

Our Engineering Team - the Engineering are working behind the scenes to establish a source of spare parts and enginering assistance for both Bulldogs and Pups

For more information please follw the 'quick links' or email: PARTS

...and if you are new to Beagle Pups or Bulldogs why not 'buddy up' with an experienced Club Pilot? email: MEMBERSHIP...

So now there is really no need to miss out on some terrific fun flying!

A note from Michael, Engineering Liaison Officer:

"Finding parts for 50 year old aircraft was never going to be an easy task, so I am extremely grateful for the assistance I have found from all everyone who has searched the dark, dusty corners of hangars!

The Club exists to keep owners and Members in touch, and to help keep theior aircraft where they belong - fully airworthy and flying!

To that end we are establishing connections between the Club and the many organisations that still have parts and engineering expertise...

...it really is worthwhile being a member, as these benefits will only increase, making it easier than ever to own and operate these fine aircraft!

Look out for regular updates!

Time is marching on, and WOTY is fast approaching! Visit the Events page NOW!!



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