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News and Events Updates

Our Events Team are working hard in the background, organising events that we can all fly into or drive into!

For more information about upcoming Events, please email events@bpandbc.co.uk

...and if you are new to fly-in events or you haven't done 'that kind of flying' before, well now is your opportunity...

...our Events Organiser will be delighted to provide full briefings, and if possible he will help you 'buddy up' with an old hand!

So now there is really no need to miss out on some terrific fun flying!

A note from Mark, Events Leader:

"First of all, many thanks for trusting me with the role of events organiser, I sincerely hope I can keep your diaries full and I look forward to seeing you all throughout the coming year. I have tried to spread the events geographically and to add a little something to each to appeal to flying and non-flying members alike."

Here is our Upcoming Events Calendar for 2019...


Look out for more information coming soon



Click the links below for information about each event

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